Our Love Nest

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Cool virtual reality views of the marinas we've lived in: 

Our back door neighbor at Bainbridge Island

Our home afloat

Island neighbors. Can you belive the size of that house??

Blake Island, one of many islands to visit.

Liz enjoyed this view all summer. Nice!

Our new place in Seattle

I think this is funny because its a vegetable garden....yes right next to a chemical storage tank! Only in Seattle!

Our signature dinner for our guest has become crabs and scallops!

Sean doing chores. He says his work NEVER ends.

Must keep him busy!

4th of July 2003 Celebration

Summer sailing.

View of the city on a Saturday sail.

A hazard of sailing in the Puget Sound is the ferry traffic. We're constantly dodging them.

This is a picture posted on a local news station. Photographer is Scott Menard. We had a chance to see these awesome rainbows this past summer ('03)

Aerial view of Amgen's new headquarters in Seattle. Sean will be moving here in another year or so.