Great Memories of Time Spent with Friends

There are only a few, we'll be adding more.

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The usual violent yet friendly game of spoons!!

Dave - taking serious action!

So far, no one has drawn blood!

Had a chance to spend time Dave, Verna and Shea at Vernon and Libby's wedding in June 2003

Met Jim and Sherrie at the end of their 7 day hike in the Olympics. We're at the end of Enchanted Valley Trail

Jim admiring the Olympic Mountains '03

Sherrie along Enchanted Valley Trail

Sherrie sitting inside the trunk of a fallen tree. Its huge!!

Sailing with Jim and Sherrie

Jim and Sherrie stopped to see us during their vacation in Washington on July 2003.

We were able to attend Kathy and Len's wedding in September 2003. Isn't the cake amazing!?!

Kathy is so beautifull!!

The one reading is Cesar, Dave and Claudia's pride and joy! He's a little over 2 years old.